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E - ESS Series- Heavy Duty

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These mounts are ideal for wide range applications where simple, precise leveling is required. Diamond cell neoprene pads provide a firm footing and can compensate for slight unevenness 
in the floor. ESS Series mounts are also available in Cold Rolled Steel type E Series.
  • Fast, simple and precise leveling for wide veriety of machinery.
  • Load capacities of up to 1,500 lbs per mount.
  • Save on installation costs, no cementing required.
  • Non-marking white elastomer base available for E series.

ESS Series also available in Stainless steel.

E series levelers
E series levelers

E-1000ESS-10001,0005001.53/4-1033 3/41
E-1500ESS-15001,5007501.53/4-1033 3/41
E-1000 WBESS-1000 WB1,0005001.53/4-1033 3/41
E-1500 WBESS-1500 WB1,5007501.53/4-1033 3/41